this is my little respite to be creative about the things i love.
there's not much here... yet!!

future content that may or may not appear:

  • shrines
  • art/writing

latest updates

2024-06-01: added oc page

2024-04-20: addition to the media log

2024-03-01: new journal entry!!!! wow!!!! happy new year!!!!

2023-10-22: new journal entry!!!

2023-09-16: homepage is now responsive!

2023-09-15: added media log page (first responsive page!)

2023-08-26: new journal entry!!

2023-06-30: new journal entry!

2023-06-11: created journal page and first entry

2023-06-07: added bits here and there

2023-06-06: created about page

2023-06-03: built homepage